Jane Waggoner Deschner: Remember me.

09.11.2022 – 01.15.2023

Charles M. Bair Family Gallery & Northwest Projects Gallery

We see our personal truths reflected, through photos and words, in the lives of others.
We are reminded, in this acrimonious age, of our commonalities. – Jane Waggoner Deschner

Jane Waggoner Deschner began work on her project, Remember me: a collective narrative in found words and photographs, in 2015, to respond to what she experienced as the “hostility growing in our country.” Intending an empathetic response, she began embroidering found family photographs with texts from obituaries written by anonymous family and friends.

The artist carefully pairs each vernacular photo with obituary text written about a different person, using repetition of standard elements to contain and unite the sentimental artifacts. While the photographs span the decades of popular black and white photography, chronicling people, places and times, the obituaries express familial self-representation and collective memory.

Through the constant, devotional act of stitching and connecting, Deschner has created an installation of over twelve hundred images and texts. Accompanying memorabilia allude to familiar home and office spaces. This accumulation of collected and remixed memories recalls the universal aspects of human experience.

The iPhone panorama shot, featured above in the header, shows some of the work destined for Remember me. This exhibition will be an original on-site installation adapting to the Charles M. Bair Family Gallery & Northwest Projects Gallery space.



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