young artists gallery

The Young Artists Gallery (YAG) is a year-round space dedicated to showing the work of the community’s artists from pre-kindergarten through high school within a 150-mile radius of the YAM. All YAG exhibitions feature the artwork of students who are affiliated with our educational outreach partners.

Every YAG exhibition is accompanied by a reception for the artists’ family and friends to celebrate their work. The YAG and the YAG receptions are always FREE to the public, and the public is encouraged to support the work of local young artists.

YAG exhibition calendar

Shepherd High School
October 31 – January 10

Billings 5th Grade
January 22 – February 28

Explorers Academy/Head Start
March 5 – April 11

Crow Agency Grades 3 – 5
April 17 – May 23


For more information contact:
YAM Museum Art Educator
406.256.6804 x238