yam docents

Some of you are probably wondering, what is a docent? Well, the word docent has its root in the Latin, “docents,” meaning to teach.

The YAM has an outstanding corps of specially trained and deeply committed volunteers. Docents lead tours, assist in the art studio, bring the Art Suitcase to Billings schools, help with the Young Artists’ Gallery, and develop new programs. These volunteers are integral to education at the YAM. Additionally, our Docents are part of the National Docent Symposium Council which meets every other year. YAM docents focus on inquiry-based learning about art through Visual Thinking Strategies.


To inquire about becoming a docent:

YAM docents

Bill Anderson

Edward Barta

Isabel Bonilla

Lee Ebden

Jackie Emery

Linda Franson

Stacie French

Anne Harris

Joan Heser

Jane Indreland

Ann Jones

Diane Kersten

Diann Kramer

Bess Lovec

Janet Ludwig

Trish Matteson

Jean Mehlhaff

Linda Merchant

Marilu Metherell

Davi Nelson

Jean Posusta


Mary Salle

Kenneth Smith

Linda Snider

Brownie Snyder

Noelle Stanton

Lisa Steiner

Kristi Tolliver