the botanical series: photographs by gerald lang and jennifer anne tucker

06.25.2015 – 10.18.2015

The Botanical Series: Photographs by Gerald Lang and Jennifer Anne Tucker illustrates the crossover of art and science. For centuries botanical prints and drawings have been used as keys for plant identification of plant species. In The Studio at Hill Crystal Farm, Lang and Tucker updated the concept to produce images of surprising clarity and beauty.

The Botanical Series offers a contemporary re-thinking of botanical art, integrating the 21st century digital imaging technology and re-connecting plants to their earlier mystical and herbal uses. It also merges the individual expertise of this husband-wife team in a creative and collaborative process. Tucker gathers the plants and composes them on a scanner in a manner that emulates their natural movement and gestures. Lang scans the plants into digital files that are prepared for printing; no camera is used in the process. The resulting images are imbued with the healing properties of the plants.

This exhibition is on loan from the University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, WY.
TITLE SPONSORS: Laurence and Ruth Martin; anonymous; David Orser and Ossie Abrams; The Michael and Karen Fried Community Education Fund; Frances Oakland