Not Out of the Woods: New Works and Woodcuts by Gesine Janzen

10.19.2023 – 01.21.2024

exhibition sponsors

Bev Ross
Nancy Curriden
Sharon Shannon

Lawrence Lithography Workshop

Charles M. Bair Family Gallery & Northwest Projects Gallery

October 19, 2023 – January 21, 2024

Woodcut prints by MSU art professor, Gesine Janzen, come from years of making. Woodcuts, Janzen’s tradition and muse, connect her to landscapes, places, sensations, and memories. Carved marks create movement and structure; they build textures and express emotions. With this new body of work, foreboding, sorrow, and dread predominate, and her point of view turns inward. The forest speaks to her of fairytales and mystery, where danger lurks. Children become lost in the woods. The trees breathe and move. Moss grows, dries, and hangs in tangles from branches.