Michel Desroches: Between The Lines

03.15.2019 – 07.07.2019

“My representation of the human face gives rise to a quest for identity”

Michel T. Desrochés creates intensely expressive artwork out of a desire to communicate and represent that which has no physical form. Based on the human face, his abstract expressionist paintings are not portraits, but visages of hopes, dreams, emotions, and other ephemeral concepts. Desroches became interested in portraying intense emotions while working as an art therapist, witnessing fleeting expressions of suffering and strength passing across his patients’ features

Desrochés began his artistic career as a self-taught artist, later pursuing a degree at the University of Québec in Montreal. He has participated in more than two dozen exhibitions since first showing his work to the public in 2007, and in December 2017, he presented his work at the Louvre in Paris, France as part of the prestigious Salon des Beaux Arts.


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