jill krutick: metamorphosis

11.07.2019 – 01.20.2020

“It is as though what psychoanalysts call the primary creativity of the mind and the primary creativity of nature are indistinguishable currents in her art.” – Donald Kuspit

Jill Krutick’s paintings trace her joyful path of self-discovery and creative exploration. Using texture, form, and color, she suggests the intense beauty and constant flux of nature: galaxies, skies, blossoms, and tides. “Balance remains my main goal,” she says. “I strive to capture basic natural elements – earth, water, sun, and sky — contrasting light and dark in order to capture movement through a variety of textures.” The interplay of three-dimensional shapes with layered splashes of color creates a sense of motion and interaction, not unlike the interplay of light and form in nature.

Krutick begins many of her compositions by swirling texture onto canvas. The first strokes set the tempo and key. As she layers paint and glazes over the dimensional foundation, the feeling is that of improvisational jazz, call and response, action and reaction. “You start on a journey,” she says. “Shapes emerge, stories germinate, and concepts develop.”

Krutick’s paintings shimmer with translucent layers, suggesting the complexity and dynamic sublimity of nature. The celebrated art critic, poet, and curator Donald Kuspit writes that “she abstracts the creative flow of nature from its material manifestation.” Her Trout paintings isolate the colorful patterning along the side of a trout, where the camouflage of rock and sky merge. Her ocean-inspired canvases might suggest a horizon line, or dive into the deep blue. The Aurora Borealis paintings depict infinite distances of swirling color, splattered across canvases large enough to envelop the viewer. These and her light-saturated skies represent both the beauty and terror of the sublime. Krutick says, “I include the Sun in most of my abstract work as I’m captivated by the intimate relationship between light and dark.”

The arts have always played a central role in Krutick’s life. She studied to be a professional pianist through high school, becoming accomplished enough to give a solo performance at Carnegie Hall. In 2011, after making a successful career as a Wall Street analyst and launching her children into the world, she gave herself the gift of time to create. She began studying at the Art Students League and traded economic security for a state of constant exploration. She combines a childlike joy and playful inquisitiveness with the discipline and focus of a fortune-500 executive. Her work vibrates with sublime beauty and intense energy, reflecting her personal metamorphosis and the interconnected, constantly changing nature of life.

Krutick works full time as an artist at her studio in Westchester, New York. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, most recently at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Florida. Her work is in more than 100 public and private collections. She has served on boards including the Art Students League, the Recording Academy (NY Chapter), Hoff-Barthelson Music School, the Wharton Arts Network and National Amusements.


East Meets West: Opening Reception November 7, 6-8 p.m.
Join us for the opening of our new Winter exhibitions! Bill Stockton: Grass Roots Modernist & Jill Krutick: Metamorphosis. Meet the artist, Jill Krutick, and enjoy light hors’d’oeuvres!
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Gallery Talk: Jill Krutick November 8, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
A morning lecture lead by Jill Krutick.
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