Monster Drawing Rally

Friday, March 3, 2023 | 5-8 pm

The YAM’s Monster Drawing Rally is part live art-making performance, part art bazaar, and part live auction in a fast-paced, lively event! The “monster” refers to the extensive, monolithic nature of the drawing event, as a large group of artists comes together at the same time.

During a Monster Drawing Rally, artists create artwork from start to finish while under a 1-hour time limit in front of a live audience. Attendees can bid on the works after they are made. The Monster Drawing Rally offers a rare and exciting opportunity to watch artists in action and a chance to take home their completed pieces, all while supporting a good cause.


What To Expect

A monster drawing rally is the exciting and unique art event you’ve been searching for! Imagine a room filled with tables, and each set up with pens, paper, and other art supplies. An hour timer starts counting down, and within that time, participants must draw unique artwork from start to finish. 

With the clock ticking and everyone working on their masterpieces, camaraderie and community connections are in the air. Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or just exploring art to enjoy, you’ll find the YAM’s Monster Drawing Rally an exciting and unique experience. The monster drawing rally creates a fun, fast-paced environment for some genuinely entertaining artwork.

So, gather your friends and family and join us on March 3.

$10 for non-members

$5 for college students

Members get in for free. Become a member today and enjoy events throughout the year!

Signup To Participate As An Artist

This event benefits the Yellowstone Art Museum, and our goal is to promote local artists by making their artwork more visible and accessible to the community. Live music, food, and a cash bar will be part of the experience. And we want YOU to be a part of it. ARTIST REGISTRATION >

Participating artists receive:

  • 4 Free Tickets to the event
  • Food and Drink vouchers
  • Waved Fee for the 2024 Art Auction 56
  • A swag bag
  • Our undying gratitude

Art Materials the YAM will provide to all participating artists:

  • paper (standard art paper 11 x 17 max, heavyweight, medium surface)
  • sharpies (black/ regular width)
  • pens (standard, variety)
  • no.2 pencils & erasers
  • charcoal sticks (standard)
  • colored pencils (variety)
  • markers (variety)
  • clipboards
  • Painter’s tape/ masking tape (not watercolor tape)
NOTE: Artists are free to bring any additional materials that they desire to use that fit within the required parameters and at their own expense.

Participating Artists

Emcee: Shane de Leon

Sophiea Baretta
Megan Begger
Manette Bradford
Jessica Brophy
Teresa Brown
Mike Caskey
Shelby Caster
Aiden Cole
William Crain
Marlene Dunis
Todd Forsgren
Daniel Granger
Sara-Beth Guilford
Louis Habeck
Adrianne Hamlitsch
Amanda Hasch
Katherine Jore
John Kennedy
Beth Korth
Moriah Kesinger
Eileen Laskowski
Jon Lodge
Rachel Larson Long
Robbie Mann
Cathryn McIntyre
Quinn McNulty

Emily Milligan
Rebecca Newton
Matthew O’Brien
Heather Oltrogge
David Omen
Kelley Partridge
Lenny Patterson
Tana Patterson
Linda Pease
Terri Porta
Jean Posusta
Jennette Rasch
Carly Ray
Faith Rhoades
Anne Ross
Angel Shandy
Breanna Sherman
Wayne Small
Morgan Syring
Nicolette Wallman
Carol Welch
Carter West
Valerie Wicke
Tara Williamson
Makayla Yates