Montana Peepshow: Stories by Leslie Van Stavern Millar II

11.08.2018 – 01.06.2019

In a quirky fictitious account, Montana Peepshow imagines Queen Elizabeth the First, in the spirit of the Age of Discovery, utilizing a time machine created by her personal alchemist, Dr. Dee, to visit Montana repeatedly, at varying time periods. The paintings in the exhibition cover episodes ranging from The Corp of Discovery at Traveler’s Rest in 1805; Jeannette Rankin having tea at a Helena Hotel in the 1950’s; with the 25th Infantry Black Bicycle Corp, Fort Missoula 1896; to Theodore Roosevelt’s speech on Higgins Avenue in Missoula in 1911.

Millar is a descended from a line of artists and scientists. Following graduation from Mount Holyoke College, she pursued her interest in art making, incorporating a scientific, investigative approach. Leslie works in series, matching the technique – gouache painting, encaustic (beeswax on wood), a variety of photographic mediums, and printmaking – with a particular theme or concept. She also performs as “Science Woman,” her alter ego, which is indicative of her curious and inventive perceptions conveyed in her artwork.The exhibit consists of highly detailed gouache paintings on paper housed in wooden boxes, which are viewed individually. One looks through a small peephole while flicking a switch on the side of the box illuminating the interior. The interior is painted black, except for the painting, which stands out in brilliant illumination. The exhibit consists of free-standing boxes on tripod legs and two wall-mounted boxes. This method of presentation is a novelty, actively requiring the participation of the viewer and heightening the experience by concentrating their attention.

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Deborah Anspach and Dr. John Hanson
Charles M. Bair Family Trust

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