Bridal Fair Exhibitor Application

Bridal Fair Exhibitor Guidelines and Application
Sunday, September 17, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Booth fee (due Aug. 28):

$160 Booth Space (8’) includes: 2 chairs, 6’ table, and black linens with white table square

$145 Booth space (8’) with NO linens or table. Chairs available upon request

$320 Double booth space (15’) includes: 2 chairs, 2 tables, and black linens with white table squares

$290 Double booth space (15’) with NO tables or linens. Chairs available upon request


  • Marketing: The YAM’s Bridal Fair is one of the most intimate Bridal Fairs in the Billings area. We host up to 35 exhibitors and draw over 120 registered brides and 400 attendees.
  • The Bridal Fair website will be updated with artist lists and links to artist pages if a url is provided in the application.
  • Booth payment is required with this agreement on or before August 28, 2017. A 50% refund may apply for cancellation outside 15 days of event. No refunds will be issued for cancellation at or within 15 days of event.
  • Vendor agrees to be responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the area. Vendor assumes sole responsibility for the cleanliness of their space (e.g. trash bags, containers, etc.) Vendor must make sure the area is cleaned after closing.


This year Bridal Fair will be offering complimentary bottled water and coffee for all participating exhibitors.
Participating artists will also receive a 10% discount on any items purchased from Raven’s Cafe.
The YAM will provide 2-3 hand dollies for artists to use once inside the museum to help them shuttle their wares from the loading dock to their booth space.

liability waiver

The Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM) is allowing each vendor to have a booth space area at the (event) Bridal Fair. I, the vendor, agree to assume any and all liability and to hold harmless the YAM and any its agent(s) thereof against any liability that may arise due to our operation of the individual booth.

 I further acknowledge that YAM or its agent(s) thereof assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injuries that may occur in the operation of the booth.

 I further agree to abide by all provisions that are stipulated in the agreement.

reasonable usage clause

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ART MUSEUM. Our works of art are irreplaceable, and their protection must be considered to be of the utmost importance for any activity held on our premises. We must uphold standards of behavior and cleanliness that may not be appropriate to your event. Please respect the art and the artists who created them by conducting your party accordingly and by governing the conduct of your guests.

To that end, the Museum requires that the following guidelines be strictly observed:

a. All decorative material is subject to approval by the museum. Decorative material will also be inspected the day of event and usage may be denied per museum standards
b. There is no smoking at any time anywhere in the museum. No food or beverages are allowed in the exhibition galleries.
c. No one may touch artwork on display or set tableware or personal belongings on pedestals. Art may not be rearranged.
d. Excessive, vibrating noise levels must be avoided.
e. No candles or open flames.
f. No decorations may be affixed to the walls without prior museum consent. Use of glitter, birdseed, rice, confetti, rose petals, or similar substances is strictly prohibited.
g. We are not-for-profit. The Museum reserves the right to determine what level of use constitutes “excessive.” If so determined, you will be billed for professional clean-up and/or any damages to Museum property.
h. The Museum must be left as you found it. All trash, personal items, and food must be removed promptly at the end of your event. For large items requiring special moving, arrangements must be made for pick-up the following day well prior to the Museum’s opening hour.

set-up and tear down

a. Set-up may be performed only during the times indicted in this agreement.
b. All equipment must leave the building before 9:00 a.m. on the day after the event to allow cleaning access from 9:00-10:00 a.m.
c. The facility must be left free of food or opened beverage containers.
d. Debris from floral arrangements must be discarded or removed.
e. During set-up and tear-down, visitors to the museum have clear access to all of the galleries, exhibitions, stairs, and hallways. Please respect our patrons at all times.
f. Event equipment and deliveries must enter and exit through the loading dock area doors on the southeast back corner of the building. The northeast doors by the Education Studio may not be opened except during an emergency.
g. Museum-owned benches, piano, pedestals, stanchions, and other furniture must remain in place and may not be moved
h. Event-related equipment must be set up at least four feet from any art exhibit. Doorways, fire exits, stairways, and hallways must remain clear—44” minimum.
i. Exterior doors may never be propped open. Propping open doors interferes with the Museum’s strictly controlled temperature and humidity levels.

Bridal Fair 2017 is no longer accepting applications.

Questions? Call Jason Jam, Special Events Coordinator, at 406-256-6804 ext. 236 or email at