john giarrizzo: work from life yesterday & today

03.19.2021 – 06.20.2021

Charles M. Bair Family Gallery & Northwest Projects Gallery

Rarely does one in our region find an artist who works from life in a classical process from sketchbook to finished painting as John Giarrizzo. Throughout his life as a professor at Northwest College in Powell, and now as a full-time artist, his days involve quiet observation of the human form. This daily art practice has produced numerous sketchbooks and a refined spread of studies and finished paintings, which give homage to themes that have stood large in his life. But what evokes mystery and depth in contrast to these genre-like themes of children at play, men at work, Italians gossiping from benches, and a studio model, are the ever-present Guardians — Renaissance clad figures, pulled from Caravaggio paintings, largely present, but hiding in shadow. The Guardians evoke mystery, and give a nod to the dichotomous aspects of life at a time when contrast and division are ever present among us.


exhibition sponsors

lead sponsors:
Deborah Anspach & Dr. John Hanson
Charles M. Bair Family Trust

contributing sponsors:
Dr. William & Suzanne Smoot
Dr. Hewes D. & Susan Agnew