Artist-in-Residence Program Application

The Yellowstone Art Museum’s residency program is a combination of short and long-term residencies. The program to date has been comprised primarily of locally-based artists. The museum is not yet in a position to offer stipends or housing assistance, but the YAM does offer 24/7 secure access to an 800-square-foot studio. In return, the resident artist agrees to open the studio and interact with the public for a minimum of 20 hours a week during the museum’s normal operating hours. The studio has some limitations in the use of media due to the fact that the studio is sited within the museum’s Visible Vault (for example, no open flame or dust creation, etc.).

Applications are accepted throughout the year and potential residents are selected on an on-going basis based upon the merit of their work and the intended scope of the artistic investigation. To apply, please send the following to

  • Letter of intent stating interest and scope of work to be produced while in residence.
  • 10–20 images of relevant images with title, date, medium, and dimensions on a corresponding list.
  • Artist bio and statement
  • Resume
  • Stated preference for residency duration and times of the year when a residency would be desired
  • Letter of reference from an academic advisor, previous residency program, or other professional acquaintance