Unleashed: Critters from the Permanent Collection

October 28, 2016 - December 30, 2016

We offer you selections of animal-related artworks both wild and domesticated that lead to sometimes ironic and often sublime relationships. Horses reside near wild cats, and birds and cats hang on the gallery walls side by side to remind us of our love of animals and of the possibilities of tolerance and peace attainable in the real world.

This exhibition, drawn from the museum’s large collections, reflects the popular cultural attraction to animal subjects, which we also see in social media memes. Many of the artworks have rarely, if ever, been exhibited and never in this context. People love animals and their related antics.

Join The Hunt!

There will be a scavenger hunt in collaboration with ZooMontana and Unleashed: Critters from the Permanent Collection. The scavenger hunt is for ages 18 and under and the first 100 completed submissions receive a prize! Any hunters coming from one institution will receive FREE admission to the second site! Scavenger Hunt cards can be picked up at either ZooMontana or the Yellowstone Art Museum front desk. Once you have completed the hunt, bring your card to ZooMontana or the Yellowstone Art Museum front desk to receive your prize!

ZooMontana brings art to life at the Yellowstone Art Museum” – Gazette Story from ZooMontana live animal visit on November 5, 2016.