Un/Conscious Bent: A Survey of Regional Surrealism

March 20, 2014 - August 20, 2014

Un/Conscious Bent argues for a regional proclivity toward reflective reassessment of personal experience, and an inward-looking examination of the multi-faceted meanings of dreams, objects held dear, childhood assumptions, local stereotypes, life tragedies, and relationships with the charismatic animals that are part of the daily lives of artists in rural and semi-rural areas.

Participating artists include:  Jean Albus, Bridger, MT; Adrian Arleo, Lolo, MT; Rick Bartow, Portland, OR; Garth Claasen, Boise, ID; Jane Waggoner Deschner, Billings, MT; Tom Foolery, Dillon, MT; Stephen Glueckert, Missoula, MT; Nancy Halter, Billings, MT; Pam Keeley, Seattle, WA; Sarah Knobel, Billings, MT; Sharon Kopriva, Sandpoint, ID/Houston, TX; George McCauley, Helena, MT; Richard Notkin, Helena, MT; Kay O’Rourke, Spokane, WA; Ellen Ornitz, Bozeman, MT; David Powers, Great Falls, MT; David Regan, Missoula, MT; Erin Robinson Grant, Portland, OR; Kathryn Schmidt, Bozeman, MT; SuttonBeresCuller – artist collaborative, Seattle, WA; Lynn Thorpe, Billings, MT; Tip Toland, Vaughn, WA;  and Patti Warashina, Seattle, WA.

lead sponsors:  Laurence and ruth martin

contributing sponsors:  dr. Stephen and Marilyn kramer

Community sponsors:  Shannon and greg Johnson, national endowment for the arts, carol and jim spielman

Exhibition Business Circle members support exhibitions at the YAM.  These business members are gratefully acknowledge:  Hilltop Inn, Sanctuary Spa and Salon, and Sanderson Stewart.