Presents! Holiday Gifts from the Norton Family

October 29, 2009 - January 10, 2010

Upon selling his company, Norton Utilities, he and first wife Eileen began a quest to support young emerging artists whose work would be difficult for most to understand.  The nature of the work that attracted the Nortons was conceptually based, and dealt with ideas about social conditions, ethnicity, or gender issues.  Many of the young artists such as Do-Ho Suh, Takashi Murikami and Kara Walker are now recognized internationally.  The Norton Family commissioned works that they then donated to museums nationwide.  For over a decade, the Yellowstone Art Museum has been one of the lucky beneficiaries of Norton Family generosity.  This exhibition brings out all of the “holiday presents” the YAM has received.

More than mere “Christmas ornaments”, these thirteen gifts are all conceptual works of art that contribute to our understanding of art making in America.