Ivelisse Jiménez

July 22, 2010 - October 24, 2010

Puerto Rican-born Ivelisse Jiménez divides her time between there and New York City.  She graduated with an MFA from New York University in 1999 and has been a exhibiting internationally since, with recent shows in London, Dublin and New York.  The Yellowstone Art Museum is honored to be able to present Jiménez’s refreshing and exuberant approach to abstract image-making.

Jiménez produces colorful and vibrant large-scale, three-dimensional installation art.  The viewer naturally begins to move around her pieces to appreciate the complex and subtle shifts of color and design.  In Jiménez’s Billings installation, each viewer will experience interplays of multi-colored frosted and transparent shapes, which she hand cuts from large sheets of colored plastic materials.  Fabricated and layered with space between each cut-out shape, every angle presents a new shape, unique optical shifts and at times, subtle veiling in once clearly illuminated areas.

Her mixed media installations seem to vibrate and pop away from the wall.  Although her work is technical “abstract,” it is like nothing typically known as abstract.  Jiménez’s installations are departures from conventional two-dimensional, abstract paintings, both in conception and medium.  They reference the more familiar two-dimensional format, yet go beyond it.  Many of her pieces are large, engaging and powerful constructions designed to encourage viewer interaction.  Some, mounted several inches away from the wall, tower above the viewer with waterfalls of extravagant color running down onto the floor.  Viewers almost get the sense of stepping into a large-scale painting that is still coming into being.

Ivelisse Jiménez says of her work, “They refer to the body/mind decision-making process of finding a method to make something present.  My interest is in structures that are parallel, which exist in other configurations such as language.  This act of synchronizing is finally a metaphor for the elusiveness of the balance of factors that determine the production of meaning.”

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