Insomnia: Works by Michael Zansky

March 21, 2013 - August 25, 2013

The fantastic environments created by Michael Zansky almost defy description.  Harvesting forms and ideas nonstop as he goes through life, Zansky draws voraciously from the history of art, dream imagery, and a highly individual kind of “aesthetic archaeology.”  Zansky envelops the viewer in a surrealist world that is fascinating, awe-inspiring, sobering, and utterly absorbing.

This artist who is based in New York will transform the Yellowstone Art Museum’s galleries into a world like no other.  Images drift, float, and smack the viewer head-on—all the while evoking memories, deep cultural symbolism, and history’s jerky ride through time.  Zansky’s work evokes everything from Renaissance interpretations of Judgement Day to Goya’s anguished reflections on human cruelty, everything from personality-defining childhood memories to sci-fi apocalyptic visions.




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