I’m Hunting Myself: The Unattainable Prize

March 13, 2008 - June 15, 2008

This YAM-originated exhibition featured twenty-two works, including subtle features created directly on the walls, by two artists who work collaboratively and seamlessly.  Rollin Beamish is faculty at MSU-Bozeman and Andrew Schell is faculty at MSU-Billings.  Both are newcomers to Montana from Ohio.  While each piece was ascribed to one or the other of them, they reflect both a common aesthetic and common messages.  All works were multi-media (carved paper and plastic, painting, video), combining traditional and hi-tech approaches.  The messages included the hybridization of the human being with his/her technological environment, loss of self (hence, “I’m Hunting Myself”) and cataclysm.  A custom, die-cut gallery brochure with comments authored by the artists and by Senior Curator Robert C. Manchester accompanied the exhibition.

Sponsored by David Orser & Ossie Abrams, and MSU-Billings