Fragile Strength

January 11, 2011 - January 22, 2011

Fragile Strength: Glass and Drawings by Ali Kaaf

Fragile Strength, hosted by Yellowstone Art Museum, marks the debut of exhibits and workshops by Ali Kaaf in which, for the first time, this artist’s paper works are combined with glass art.  Fragile Strength gives physical expression to the tension between endurance and decay, between persistence and erosion.

Ali Kaaf is a Syrian-German artist whose travels have brought him to Montana several times.  In addition to the many places he has been, a sweeping array of ideas, symbols, languages, and forms influences his work.  Kaaf’s strong, simple images can call to mind anything from atoms to universes.  These works are the result of Kaaf’s striving for what might be called the essence of a thought.  Yet, we are not allowed to forget the physicality of these works of art…burnt paper edges and textured glass surfaces invite the touch, each work an alloy of solid material and ethereal content.

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