Boundless Visions

Closing Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Telling the Story of Art in Montana

Boundless Visions features changing selections from the YAM’s permanent collections, which emphasize art from the mid-twentieth century to the present. This long-term exhibition is the only exhibition in Montana where you can learn the story of art in this region from its beginnings to the present day.

Boundless Visions examines four key themes that draw the art of this region together: Understanding Place, Recognizing Connections, Tenacity, and Experiment. From the inspiring presence of the land to the connections between east and west or Native and non-Native, the exhibition goes to the core of what inspires artists in Montana. For any lifelong or multi-generational Montanan, the theme of tenacity will make immediate sense; it has characterized the people of this area and the artists who have chosen to make this place home. Related to this is a willingness to experiment, to try something new until success is attained. These ideas lie at the heart of the success of our region’s ranchers and business owners as well as artists and writers.

Boundless Visions explores the changing nature and definition of art. Hands-on interactive units and video and audio elements provide a multi-sensory environment for those who may arrive with no prior experience in art. Interviews with artists, examinations of collectors and patrons who have made a difference, and facts about Montana’s unique status in the U.S. are all featured. Loans from other museums and private collectors ensure that historic art completes the story.

For sustaining support of Boundless Visions, we thank:

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