Art in Action: Marking Time

March 23, 2017 - August 6, 2017

Back by popular demand, Art in Action puts YOU the viewer in charge of curating! This exciting community-based installation allows the viewer to leave their mark, literally on the walls of the YAM.


How to login to the live gallery webcam:

  1. Click here to get to the LIVE WEBCAM
  2. A log in screen will appear: USER: Guest and PASSWORD: ArtinAction
  3. Once logged in, a message will appear at the bottom or center of the screen that says “Activate Plugin.” Click on this and another message will appear asking for permission to use plugin. Click on yes, allow, and the picture will appear.

We strongly suggest to use Internet Explorer as the browser for the link. The camera does not seem to function with Chrome or Firefox. 

NOTE: All the system tabs will be visible. If you click on any of the tabs, end up in any settings, or get lost in the menus, simply click the Live View tab on the top left of the screen. The Guest user only has permission to Live View and cannot change any of the settings in the camera if you do get into the menus.


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Wells Fargo Bank

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David Orser & Ossie Abrams