Museum Manners

Are you wondering what you, your students, your kids, or your family may need to know before visiting an art museum?  Below are the YAM’s museum manners that we love sharing with visitors who tour with us.

1.) Please, do NOT touch. This includes the art, the walls, pedestals, and even keeping our hands to ourselves while walking around.

2.) We love enthusiasm and willingness to share your thoughts, so please raise your hand for us to be able to see you’re ready to share.

3.) Your docent (your guide), is the leader. Please respect, listen and always follow your leader.

4.) Everyday manners apply here as well, let’s be safe, be kind and most importantly have fun!

Being able to have great museum manners will make sure we all have a wonderful experience learning more about the art and throughout the museum. Thanks for following and sharing these manners with your group!