Art Suitcase Program

The Art Suitcase Program has been in the Billings Public School District for over 40 years. This program is designed to give an intro to art appreciation. Docents travel to each classroom and present the suitcase, and getting votes for the Children’s Collection. Right now the program only goes into the Billings Public Schools, but we hope to expand it one day to be able to reach a broader audience.

The Artist and the Landscape: Individual Artistic Perception of Landscape

This Art Suitcase provides an introduction to the art of landscape. The script explores the theme that as artists depict the landscape, they are also revealing much about themselves:  their philosophy, experiences, origins, and historical time period. Included are landscapes by Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige; Native American artist Blackbear Bosin; American artists Georgia O’Keefe, Howard Pyle, Richard Diebenkorn, and Thomas Hart Benton; and several artists from the Montana region.

That’s a Horse of a Different Color: The Horse in Art Then and Now

This presentation compares, contrasts, and investigates how artists from different cultures and time periods have depicted the horse. Included are important masters from the history of art, historical American Western artists, historical and contemporary Native American artists, and contemporary Montana and regional artists.

Art in Your Own Backyard: Compare and Contrast Works from the Yellowstone Art Museum

This Art Suitcase presents contemporary regional artwork from the Yellowstone Art Museum’s permanent collection. The suitcase script draws on artists’ responses to a circulated questionnaire. Themes explored include “The Art Experience,” “Seeing the Land,” “Our People, Yesterday and Today,” “Forms, Patterns, and Rhythms of Nature,” “Artists Help Us See in New Ways,” and “What Is Real?”