Summer Art Studio

Students tour, explore and learn to create art using a variety of art media with a focus on a specific exhibition at each weekly class.




Morning Session: 10-12 p.m.
Afternoon Session: 1-3 p.m.

Admission Fees

$10 for YAM Members and
$20 for not-yet members.
$8.00 Members only sibling price: 

Summer 2019 Schedule

Registration opens one week prior to each class. 

Contact Jennifer Parry at 406-256-6804 x232 or to register.

June 13th         Yarn Painting
Inspired by Sharon Kagan’s String theory.  Design a yarn painting based on you own ideas.  Have a ball!!

June 20th         “Fold- A-Face”
Multiple faces, multiple media, multiple folds, multiple points of view.  Portraits like you have never made before.  Inspired by the works of Michel Desroches

June 27th         “Sculpt Your Roots”
Build an armature to create a unique tree to tell your story.  Weave in family, friends, and pets (both real and imaginary).  Sculpt your own heirloom, based on the work of Sharon Kagan.

July 11th             “Layer-By-Layer”
Build art one layer at a time.  Use transparent papers to illustrate you own invention.  Inspiration derived from our permanent collection artists.

July 18th             “Art Naturally”
Become art and nature detectives.  Investigate the natural world inside the museum and out.  Create art based on what you find

July 25th          “Blow It Up”
Head to the gallery, sketch tiny details from monumental photographs.  Next, work big to small to big on gray-scale paintings.  Inspired by the photograph of Clyde Butcher.