Summer Art Academy Classes

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CLASS FULL Acrylic Painting Steve Haraden
Whether you are the person who can draw a perfect princess or dragon, or are someone who can’t draw a straight line, this lively class will show you how to use the colors and techniques you want for maximum effect.

Animal Portraits Louis Habeck
Artists will practice drawing- in pen and ink and coloring with vibrant watercolor- a variety of animal portraits dressed in the clothing that they feel expresses their personality and occupation. The week will conclude with students bringing in a photo of their own pet or favorite animal- real or fictional- and capturing its personality and occupation in a personalized portrait.

CLASS FULL Ceramics Cassy Crafton Kramer
Student artists will be introduced to pinch, coil and slab hand techniques. Our primary project will be to create a pinch pot orb that we will transform into a creature, fantastical or realistic. We will also have two additional slab vessel creation projects. Students will go home with one to three finished pieces depending on their pace and level of detail in their designs.

Collage Ashley Kustka
Students will cut, arrange and assemble small pieces of magazines, colored paper and 3D objects to create an original work of art.

CLASS FULL Dance (Jazz Funk/Hip Hop) Maribel Parman
From ballet-modern-hip hop to lyrical, Jazz Funk incorporates little bits and pieces of other dance genres and wraps into a funky style that is both fun and expressive.

Drawing Optical Illusions Julie Pederson
Is that really a drawing?? Learn to create optical illusions that seem IMPOSSIBLE. As long as you have imagination and basic drawing skills- we can DO it!!

Jewelry Sue Germer
In this fun class we will work with a variety of beading techniques and explore unique possibilities to personalize your own creations. You will learn how to use and care for basic jewelry making tools. Each student will take home at least three different jewelry projects plus lots of ideas to keep creating.

Kitebuilding 101 TZ Lee
Learn how to build several different well flying kites including a bird kite, a box kite, a miniature kite and a barn door kite. And learn the art of flying kites without running, how to properly wind line, and the history and physics behind flying. Several large kites will be available for teaching purposes.

CLASS FULL Kitebuilding 201 TZ Lee
After taking 101, you can further your kite skills with more complex, larger and more difficult kites. Learn how to train multiple kites together, how to make fighter kites, creating beautiful batik watercolor kites and more. Bring your own kites to class for repairs and adjustments.

Musical Performance Jim Bungert
This class is all about hands-on musical learning. Students will sing and play various styles of music, build percussion instruments, and learn basic elements of music: clefs, notes, chords, rhythm, and meter. Through the week we’ll put it all together as students prepare for their boom whacker performance at the week’s end.

Origami Ashley Kustka
Students will get to practice with various types of paper and styles of folding to create wonderful works of origami.

Paper Sculpture Renee Audette
Young artists in this class will use decorative paper and paper products to create a series of innovative, interactive sculptures. Participants will learn basic sculpting and painting techniques as they advance through art of play.

Watercolor Mana Lesman
Mana Lesman will conduct young artists on the journey from basic watercolor techniques through the development of finished watercolor paintings, including a landscape scene, painting of an animal, watercolor portrait of a person and a final opportunity to choose subject matter and complete their own painting.

CLASS FULL Yoga YungBen Yelvington
Build strength with yoga. This playful and artful class will help you get to know your body and mind in a new way. Create a space for inspiring your art. In this class, you will get your own yoga mat, block and strap to personalize and build your practice. YungBen will help you create a place to pause and examine your world and your mind when you have a challenge to overcome. YungBen is a skilled yoga instructor, aerialist, acrobat, martial artist, and barefoot runner.