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The Yellowstone Art Museum invites art enthusiasts and accomplished artists to participate in monthly art classes led by regional artists. Please check back frequently for updates and class information.


Bleach Discharging on Fabric & Paper with Brooke Atherton

Brooke Atherton teaches discharging, the process of removing color from fabric or paper.  Students will use three different chemicals in class and will work outside the museum's Visible Vault (please dress accordingly).  Techniques covered are traditional resist techniques, including wrapping, clamping, and folding to make patterns.  Soy wax will also be used as a resist.  Much more will be investigated!

Participants are encouraged to bring their own fabrics - cotton dyed with Procion MX dyes and some commercial dyes work well.  Test first to see if a small amount of bleach removed the color.  If it does, it will work.

$20 supply fee paid directly to instructor may be waived if students assemble and bring their own supplies.  Contact Brooke for more information at:

Brooke in studio

*All classes require a minimum enrollment of six students.  If a class does not reach the minimum enrollment, it will be cancelled two weeks prior to class date.  Your enrollment fee will be fully refunded.  You must cancel a full two weeks prior to class or your money cannot be refunded.

Price: $60.00

Date: September 27, 2014

Available Spaces: 18

*Classes will be cancelled one week prior to scheduled date if insufficient enrollment. Please enroll before then to avoid cancellations. If you enroll and pay at least 30 days before the class, you will receive $5 discount for each class day. Contact Linda Shelhamer for more information–